Value added services provide advantages for both the customers and the service providers. Customers have the opportunity to receive something above and beyond their basic needs. Providers benefit from an increased rapport with the client, which could translate into more revenue. These additional custom services often cost the company little extra but have the potential to significantly enhance the growth and the reputation of the company.

Our value-added services add efficiencies and cost savings, meaning direct value to your supply chain.
Services that become solutions

Whether you need dedicated warehousing, multi-client warehousing, managed transportation services or outsourced manufacturing support, our value-added services include everything from kitting to specialty packaging to Kan-ban programs and transportation management.

The benefits of adding value

When Exim manages value-added services and multiple components of your supply chain, you receive greater flexibility to react to various factors including market volatility, special orders, inventory obsolescence and packaging changes. Our responsive and dedicated team of professionals is here to provide you with the best service possible by refining and re-configuring solutions as you grow and change. Let us be your partner as we work together to drive cost and complexity out of the supply chain.