It is the policy of the EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. – all work shall be performed in the safest manner possible consistent with good construction practices. No job is so important that time cannot be taken by all concerned to perform the work “the right way – the safe way”.

EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. management believes the good health and safety of its employees, subcontractors and clients, and of the members of communities, in which it conducts its business, are crucial to the company’s success.

Not only can accidents cause serious physical injury and property damage; they can also deteriorate worker morale and dissuade the confidence of clients and the public. It is the EXIM’S Logistics policy to ensure safety by removing and reducing hazardous conditions wherever possible. When removal or reduction of hazards is insufficient to ensure safety, EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. alerts workers and visitors to potential hazards and trains them to handle hazards appropriately. EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. recognizes that an efficient operation must also be a safe operation, and that a safe operation contributes to higher production, better quality workmanship and substantial dollar savings.


EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. management is responsible for providing strong leadership in safety; this leadership includes identification of existing and potential work hazards, provision and maintenance of protective equipment, and development of training programs.

All EXIM employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents. Safe work practices, procedures and rules must be followed by all.

Every employee has the right to refuse to perform a particular task or operate any tool, appliance, or equipment, if they have reasonable grounds to believe that to do so would create an undue hazard to the health or safety of any person.


All EXIM  employees and subcontractors are responsible for taking work hazards seriously and protecting themselves and each other from danger.  They are expected to adhere to management safety directives, use protective equipment provided, and take advantage of training opportunities whenever they are offered.  Visitors must also comply with company safety policies, rules and regulations.

To make staff as well as drivers  aware about safety,corporate safety department time to time organize events like quiz, safety card distribution and training programs in working site in regular time intervals.

At EXIM Logistics Pvt. Ltd., safety is a shared responsibility.

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