Exim Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers variety of customized and cost-effective solutions for transportation by road. Your freight can be transported to any location in India. Widest network, most effective cargo movement facilities and numerous client oriented services makes the company a preferred distribution solution provider in India. With extensive range of transport carriers, the company can schedule inter-state deliveries to suit your time requirements. Experts from the company support the customer’s supply chain needs by hauling general commodity freight along with some specialized freight. There are containerized trucks for handling perishable goods and other sensitive consignments. Each container passes through the most stringent test before loading – like humidity check, leakage check, floor check etc., and only after these assessments a container is loaded and moved for transportation.


Trucking logistics is the research and planning of trucking operations. Typically, trucking logistics takes into account all the factors involved in the transportation of goods by truck with the goal of maximizing productivity and efficiency. This may include planning the most efficient routes for truck drivers, selecting optimal fuel types according to market trends, choosing the best kind of trucks for the particular task, and hiring an excellent staff of truck drivers.

In most industrialized nations, trucks usually are the primary means for commercial transportation and the circulation of goods. Excellent trucking logistics not only helps individual companies achieve success, but may also contribute to the greater benefit of a nation’s economy. Economic analysts view transportation as a very high expense for any business, meaning that good logistics may dramatically decrease economic expenses. Good planning can eliminate unnecessary expenditures that could limit the success of a business.

Trucking logistics may analyze trucking routes, looking for ways to improve efficiency through the reduction of delivery times as well. The precise types of loads being carried are considered in order to determine the best means of transport. Road safety typically is emphasized to ensure the secure transportation of goods and the safety of both truck drivers and regular commuters by planning delivery routes for specific types of loads. Heavy hauling and long hauling are more demanding aspects of trucking; good trucking logistics typically examines all factors to help facilitate these more difficult types of transport.

Service Highlights
• Full loads
• Transport on request, dedicated or rental
• Direct flows or flows via. platforms
• Distribution and inter site rounds
• Specialised transport
• Tamper – proof transit

Customer Benefits
• Cargo marking facility round the clock
• Transport of goods from port of discharge to hinterland destinations
• Door-to-door delivery of cargo
• Warehousing and storage facilities are also available on request
• Hassle-free documentation job for all movements from and to any destination in India

Segments Served
• Project and over-dimensional cargo
• Metal & Mineral Industry
• Engineering Industry
• Chemicals
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Press

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